Expanding Our Dental Hygiene Team-Can You Help?

We're blessed with an amazing group of ladies in our practice. The vibe on our team makes caring for our patients extra special, and Dr. Greg and Dr. Troy enjoy the interaction every day.  We're currently looking to add a full-time hygienist to our practice, and we look forward to finding a provider that shares our close-knit values.   This position can be filled anytime between now and June. Start date is flexible.

While we may find someone locally, we know a full-time position provides a perfect opportunity for someone looking to make a lifestyle change to our special corner of the world.  Many people would love to live in the comfortable Okanogan Valley enjoying the four seasons and range of activities.  From skiing in the winter to camping in the summer, vacationland is never far away.  And facilities like the Omak Performing Arts Center bring a range of live performing arts for a dose of culture throughout the year.  The Omak Stampede PRCA Rodeo, Rockwall Cellars Winery, Okanogan County Fair, North Cascades Athletic Club and Indoor Tennis, and numerous other treasures exemplify just a few of the resources in our valley.

If you know a registered dental hygienist who'd like a stable job with excellent benefits on par with much larger organizations, please send them our way. Whether they're in the region or across the state, this is an opportunity that only comes along once in awhile in our valley. 

This position includes excellent pay for our region, benefits including health insurance, retirement plan, holiday/vacation/sick pay, etc.  EXTRA: For a limited time, we are offering a loan repayment bonus to help you accelerate student loan payoff...up to 3 years!  Few private practices offer this incentive, but we love new graduates and want to help you get a positive start to your new career.

Please feel free to contact us at drgreg55@gmail.com with any questions or to submit a resume.  We'd love to talk!

Our Ugly Sweater Christmas Brunch-2016!

The Constancy Of Change

We've enjoyed the stability of a solid, caring team over the years.  It's made us like family in many ways, and we look out for each other's well-being so that we can be at our very best for our patients.  But even the strongest teams experience change as life stages move on.

Last fall, a clinical assistant that had been with us for 15 years moved on to another part of the state. But that brought in a new team member, Kristen Johnson.  Although new to dentistry, Kristen completed a certified assisting program prior to her full-time role with us.  She's brought an excellent attitude to our group and has a special ability with small children.

In the fall of 2016, two of our outstanding long-time hygienists will retire.  They share over 60 years in combined experience in dentistry, so they will be sorely missed. Jane Lynch and Janice Lee have cared for thousands of our patients and developed strong relationships that only come with years of service.

We've begun a careful, deliberate search for a full-time hygienist to replace Jane and Janice. We're confident we'll find the right fit for our team and our patients, and we've started that search well in advance of our September target. 

Despite the inevitable change, we're always trying to improve our service and your experience in dentistry.  As hard as it is to say goodbye to these outstanding ladies, we look forward to introducing you to another teammate that shares our philosophy of care and service.

A Commitment to Overall Health

This fall we've taken a serious, whole-hearted interest in sleep health and the unknown risks that millions of Americans take with the most critical hours of their lives.  At least 40 million people in this country suffer from dangerously low oxygen levels during sleep, a condition that stresses the heart, brain, and other systems.  In fact, up to 80% of people with high blood pressure have a sleep disorder, and this increases your risk of heart attack by 24 times! This is more than all other major risk factors combined, including obesity, diabetes, and smoking.  We have comprehensive training in simple high-tech home sleep testing with results read by a board certified sleep MD, and treatment options that can transform the quality AND quantity of your life.  Our technology allows us to check your airway with safe sound waves to determine how effectively you're breathing at night, and our passion for this subject ensures you'll understand the findings clearly. Furthermore, these conditions generally are covered by medical insurance, and if follow-up treatment is advised, we will pre-estimate and file with your insurance.

If you snore, have high blood pressure, diabetes, or feel excessively tired during the day, you owe it to yourself to do a free sleep consultation with us for more information.  To help you get a better idea of your own risk, feel free to complete this simple online screening form:

Online Sleep Assessment

Another Step Forward

How quickly another year flies by!  2013 marked the first full year with Dr. Troy Robeck on our team.  The synergy between our doctors and the evolution of our practice has proven to be exciting and rewarding as we've moved forward.  This year brought the addition of another outstanding team member, Kelly Olson, who provides exceptional clinical support to our talented group.  We've added extra hygiene services whenever possible with Amanda Call, who has quickly earned the respect of our patients.

We also brought Cerec same day crowns into our set of services, and did away with temporary crowns and second visits for crown placement in most cases.  We've integrated comprehensive implant services including the surgical placement and restoration of implants without travel outside our area.  We have many new ideas to further enhance what we can offer our patients as we journey forward.

As we enter 2014, you'll notice the name of our practice has changed to Grillo Robeck Dental.  This is one of the most exciting developments, as it ensures we'll be able to continue to grow and serve our patient base properly.  Dr. Troy and Dr. Greg will share the many roles necessary to maintain a busy practice in the years ahead, and we will continue to strive to be progressive and family-oriented. Thank you to everyone who has shown support to us through the years, and we look forward to working with you for many more!  

All the best to you and your families in 2014.

A New Look

The past few months we've been working to develop a fresh, new look that would reflect our past and look to our future as a practice.  Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Jerry Grillo started his dental practice in Tonasket, before moving to Omak in 1972.  Dr. Greg Grillo joined him in 1999, and worked with him until his retirement last August.  A few days later, Dr. Troy Robeck started with us, and has quickly developed a strong reputation with our patients. 

The pheasant logo has been with us for a number of years, and we think a bird from our area, in upward flight, suggests continuous improvement.  It is part of our philosophy and one we want to build on, so we kept the bird.   We've also redesigned our website, added a Facebook page, started a referral gift card program, and learned new clinical skills and techniques.  This includes implant placement and Cerec same-day porcelain crowns, with numerous other small improvements along the way.

We're grateful for the wonderful group of people we get to work with every day, and look forward to continuing to find new ways to serve the people in our care. 


The Grillo team Welcomes you to our new website and events page. You can find out what we're up to at the office, get the latest updates on new technology and treatments we offer, find special offers or just keep track of your favorite dentist! 

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