Another Step Forward

How quickly another year flies by!  2013 marked the first full year with Dr. Troy Robeck on our team.  The synergy between our doctors and the evolution of our practice has proven to be exciting and rewarding as we've moved forward.  This year brought the addition of another outstanding team member, Kelly Olson, who provides exceptional clinical support to our talented group.  We've added extra hygiene services whenever possible with Amanda Call, who has quickly earned the respect of our patients.

We also brought Cerec same day crowns into our set of services, and did away with temporary crowns and second visits for crown placement in most cases.  We've integrated comprehensive implant services including the surgical placement and restoration of implants without travel outside our area.  We have many new ideas to further enhance what we can offer our patients as we journey forward.

As we enter 2014, you'll notice the name of our practice has changed to Grillo Robeck Dental.  This is one of the most exciting developments, as it ensures we'll be able to continue to grow and serve our patient base properly.  Dr. Troy and Dr. Greg will share the many roles necessary to maintain a busy practice in the years ahead, and we will continue to strive to be progressive and family-oriented. Thank you to everyone who has shown support to us through the years, and we look forward to working with you for many more!  

All the best to you and your families in 2014.