A Commitment to Overall Health

This fall we've taken a serious, whole-hearted interest in sleep health and the unknown risks that millions of Americans take with the most critical hours of their lives.  At least 40 million people in this country suffer from dangerously low oxygen levels during sleep, a condition that stresses the heart, brain, and other systems.  In fact, up to 80% of people with high blood pressure have a sleep disorder, and this increases your risk of heart attack by 24 times! This is more than all other major risk factors combined, including obesity, diabetes, and smoking.  We have comprehensive training in simple high-tech home sleep testing with results read by a board certified sleep MD, and treatment options that can transform the quality AND quantity of your life.  Our technology allows us to check your airway with safe sound waves to determine how effectively you're breathing at night, and our passion for this subject ensures you'll understand the findings clearly. Furthermore, these conditions generally are covered by medical insurance, and if follow-up treatment is advised, we will pre-estimate and file with your insurance.

If you snore, have high blood pressure, diabetes, or feel excessively tired during the day, you owe it to yourself to do a free sleep consultation with us for more information.  To help you get a better idea of your own risk, feel free to complete this simple online screening form:

Online Sleep Assessment